Beans and Lentils

Beans and Lentils

Tofu and Meat replacements

Tofu and Meat replacements



Vegetable mains

Vegetable mains

Tarts, Pizzas and Quiches

Tarts, Pizzas and Quiches

Sandwich mains

Sandwich mains



Balsamic Roasted Chickpeas and Swiss Chard

This is such a beautiful dish to serve in midsummer when swiss chard is abundant. Cooking the chickpeas in olive oil for such a long time makes them slightly crispy, while the garlic roasts until it is tender and delicious! Don’t worry about them amount of olive oil in the recipe, it is just to coat the chickpeas as they cook – you will notice that most of it is poured out after the chickpeas roast. Don’t throw it away! Keep this beautiful garlic infused oil in an airtight container and use in salad dressings or drizzled over fresh tomatoes.

Maple Smoked Tofu

This dish comes out sweet and smoky and just a little crisp! You can serve it with sautéed veggies, or it is great the next day, cold over a salad.

Sweet and Sticky BBQ Tofu

This is a great way to make tofu. It’s kinda sticky meets barbecue! It is great served over a bowl of basmati rice and some roasted broccoli. Although this dish requires a long cooking time, there really is very little prep work. I especially like the fact that everything is done in one baking dish – so virtually no clean up!

Easy Paprika Chickpeas

This is one of my favourite quick snacks or lunches. It requires almost no effort and is super tasty and healthy!

Gigantes Plaki – Greek Style Giant Beans

These giant lima beans are just so melt in your mouth creamy! This recipe is inspired by a dish I like to order in one of my favourite Greek restaurants. I like this dish served over rice or couscous.

Vegan BBQ Ribs

Yuba, or dried beancurd sheets is used here as a great alternative to ribs. It has a great layered texture and with this sticky barbecue style marinade you will be able to hold them in your hands and chomp away!

Asparagus and Broccoli in a Gingery Orange Sauce

I love this slightly sweet, tangy and spicy orange sauce over crunchy Asian greens! This dish is best served immediately when you cook it. If you would like to prepare in advance here are a couple of tricks. Prepare the sauce a day or even two in advance and store in an airtight container in the fridge. You can also wash and chop all your veggies the day before and store them in resealable plastic bags in the fridge. Just before serving, all you need to do is quickly stir fry and add the sauce!

Grilled Zucchini and Eggplant Tart

Such an impressive looking tart and delicious too! This tart can be served warm or at room temperature.

Chopped Tofu Sandwich

This recipe will give you enough for 4 sandwiches. If you have extra you can store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and just enjoy as an afternoon snack on crackers or on top of a salad.

Tuscan White Bean Stew

This is a really nice winter meal. Serve over rice or couscous and curl up on the couch!

Smoky Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili

There’s just nothing like a big bowl of chilli. In this version, silky sweet potato is paired with hearty black beans. I have given the sauce a South-western twist with cumin and smoky heat from chipotle peppers. Serve it over a big bowl of rice, or on its own with a few tortilla chips.

Chickpea and Rutabaga Tagine with Dried Fruit

In this classic Moroccan dish, the sweetness from the light honey glaze and dried fruit is offset by rutabaga – a bold flavour combination! Serve with a side of couscous for a delicious meal! If you like the dish a little sweeter you can double up on the honey, and put half of it with the veggies while they are baking at the beginning.

Vegan Penne Bolognese

In this recipe finely chopped veggies and TVP are combined to make a hearty Bolognese sauce! If you prefer not to use the TVP, that’s fine – the veggies are hearty and delicious enough on their own!

Swiss Chard Stuffed with Lentils and Couscous

So delicious and fresh especially in the spring when local Swiss chard is in season!

Faux Lox – Vegan Smoked Salmon

This has the texture and taste of actual smoked salmon. I was even able to fool a few fish eaters into believing it was the real thing! Serve it on a bagel with cream cheese (vegan cream cheese works well), sliced red onion and a few sprigs of fresh dill.

Vegan Sizzling Orange “Beef”

This is my idea of the classic sizzling orange beef that you find in Asian restaurants – made vegan! TVP chunks are always sold dried, and therefore before using them you must rehydrate in boiling water for about 30 minutes – I found a shortcut here! No need to rehydrate, they hydrate in the sauce thus eliminating some extra work and allowing the flavor to soak in rather than just plain water! I know – genius right?

Harvest Vegetable and Lentil Stew

This is comfort food at its best! Slow cooked lentils with cubes of hearty vegetables in a flavourful sauce! I like to serve a dish like this with basmati rice. Everyone can eat in a nice big bowl, a scoop of rice and then the stew tumbling all over it!

Snow Pea Shoots, Bok Choy and Tofu in Black Bean Sauce

Snow pea shoots are delicious greens, they are the actual plant that snow peas grow on. You can find them in Asian grocery stores, if you can’t find them replace them with any other green that you like such as beet greens, spinach or swiss chard.

Chinese Broccoli and Bok Choy in Black Bean Sauce

This is a great stir fry similar to what you would find in a Chinese restaurant. You may need to go to an Asian grocery store to find the Chinese Broccoli. Since this dish needs to be served immediately I like to wash and chop all my ingredients in advance and just as I am about to serve I make the stir fry.

Tofu Bourguignon

This is a delicious meatless version of the classic French Beef Bourguignon. The deep flavours of the wine paired with the deliciously sweet pearl onions makes for a really decadent and comforting dish.


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