Curried Squash and Apple Soup

This is a perfect Autumn harvest soup! The apples add a slight tang that pairs so nicely with the creamy sweetness of the squash!

Slow Cooker Butternut Squash and Lentil Curry

This is a nice hearty flavorful dish to come home to on a cold night! Serve over some basmati rice or with some grilled naan bread.

Aloo Baingan – Eggplant Potato and Chickpea Curry

Aloo Baingan is a classic Indian vegetable curry consisting of Eggplant (Baingan) and Potatoes (Aloo). This is a dish that can be eaten fresh but it is even better if you make it in advance as the flavors deepen as they sit. This makes it a perfect dish for a party so you are not stressing at the last minute. You can make it up to 3 days ahead, just keep it in an airtight container in the fridge until you are ready to use. Just before serving heat in the microwave or over the stove.

Vegan Curried “Chicken” and Apple Sandwich

A deliciously satisfying lunch sandwich, that adds a crunchy tartness from the apples and a creaminess from the curried coconut oil. Normally I do not like to use tofu without cooking it first, but in this recipe, the spices from the curry really flavor it well. You can use any bread you like for this sandwich, sometimes I like to pack the tofu mixture in a plastic container and bring some crackers on the side – that also makes a delicious midday meal!

Curried Chickpea and Potato Pockets

This is like an Indian calzone! Curried potatoes and chickpeas are wrapped in a pizza dough and baked. A really a yummy treat for a snack or lunch! Make a big batch and freeze in resealable freezer bags. Just take them out as you need and enjoy! This recipe will make 8 pockets.

Tamarind Chickpeas

I ordered this dish in an Indian restaurant years ago and I loved it so much that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it! Finally I decided I needed to recreate it! Here it is! It is great as a simple supper served with some warm naan bread or over basmati rice. You can also have it cold, the next day in your lunch box.

Spiced Red Lentil and Herb Dip

This is a great dip to serve with pita or even tortilla chips. It’s really healthy, high in fibre and protein and very low in fat!

Tarka Daal - Indian Spiced Lentils

This dish was inspired by the one at my favourite Indian restaurant in Montreal. I order the Tarka Daal every time we go, so I had to develop a similar recipe at home! It is creamy spicy lentils topped with crispy fried onions. Serve it over Basmati Rice or with some naan bread. To keep it authentic, I use ghee, which is clarified butter and can be found in Asian or Indian grocery stores. If you can’t find it, you can use regular butter in this recipe.

Curried Spinach and Egg Sandwich Tortilla

Spinach and eggs team up for a punch of protein in this quick and tasty breakfast or lunch on the go! You could eat it right away, or refrigerate for a lunchbox treat the next day. If you are eating the next day you have 2 options: either eat it cold (which is yummy!) or if you prefer it warm (also yummy!) do not put the sliced cucumbers in the sandwich, pack them on the side. When you are ready to eat, place your wrap in the microwave for 1 minute and then stick the slices of cucumber in as you eat.

Aloo Gobi (Potato and Cauliflower Curry)

This is a traditional Indian Curry. I find the potatoes and cauliflower go so nicely together for a hearty comforting meal. Serve over basmati rice any day of the week!

Easy Spinach and Chickpea Curry

This is a hearty vegetable curry that is quite simple to prepare. I felt a need for a simple curry, so in this recipe I used store bought curry powder and paste as well as frozen spinach.

Bhelipouri - Indian Street Food

I discovered this recipe after reading Indian literature, where the characters kept talking about eating Bhelipouri. I was so curious as to what this was and there started my research! It is a very common Indian street food made up of fresh mangos and spices mixed with puffed rice and nuts. It's really delicious!

Indian Chapatis

This is a fun and delicious Indian style bread that is great served with curries or salads. I use Ghee in this recipe, which is essentially clarified butter. It adds a really great flavour to these breads. Ghee can be found in Asian or Indian grocery stores. If you cannot find Ghee, just use butter.

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