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Salads for BBQs

Salads for BBQs


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Sriracha Lime Barbecued Tofu Steaks

A really satisfying and flavourful recipe for a hearty tofu “steak” on the grill!

Grilled Cheesy Swiss Chard Packets

This is a truly fun and different way to enjoy both your swiss chard and your barbecue! In this recipe I came up with a little trick to avoid steaming the Swiss chard in advance!

Couscous Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil

This is a nice refreshing way of serving a couscous salad, what doesn't go with tomatoes and basil? It’s great for a potluck or a barbecue.

Seitan Satay Skewers

With this version of the Thai specialty satay skewers your friends will not believe that these are vegetarian! Making seitan from scratch can seem a bit daunting, but it is really worth it - That way you can get your own flavors within the product rather than just on the outside.

Barbecued Fresh Figs

If you have never grilled fresh figs before, I strongly suggest you try it! They caramelize so beautifully and become sticky and oh so flavorful!

Barbecued Jamaican Yams

I discovered this out of the ordinary vegetable when walking though an Asian market with my sister in Toronto. We stumbled across this veggie and both said –“Hey, why not?” Here is a really simple way to prepare it on the barbecue. It comes out tasting like a cross between a chestnut and a potato.

Asian Tofu Skewers

These are really yummy skewers for the bbq! You will notice that I always precook the tofu in the marinade prior to barbecuing; this is the best way to get the tofu to absorb the flavours before getting beautiful grill marks. The precooking can be done a couple of days before if you like, just refrigerate in an airtight container until ready to skewer.

Barbecue Sauce Glazed Tofu

This is a really simple recipe to prepare, but comes out as nice crispy strips of caramelized tofu. I like to precook my tofu before placing on the barbecue, this method allows the tofu to absorb flavors, and then the barbecue adds some beautiful grill marks.

Vegan BBQ Sliders

How absolutely adorable are these? Note that in this recipe I pre-cook the sliders in the oven for a bit before grilling. This is to allow the sliders to cook all the way through, and to avoid breaking when placing on the grill. It is also important to allow them to cool completely before attempting to grill, otherwise they will fall apart (only needs about 20 minutes on your counter)! You can make them a couple of days before if you like and refrigerate. This recipe will give you about 20 sliders.

Raw Beet and Fennel Slaw with Asian Vinaigrette

In addition to being really crunchy and delicious, this salad is a colourful addition to any buffet table! The Asian vinaigrette adds a bit of a surprise factor to these crunchy fresh veggies!

Barbecue Sauce Marinated Veggie Hot Dogs!

I do really like veggie dog ... really I do! But I am the first to admit that when you place them on a barbecue, they are not as appealing as they could be. This method of marinating store bought veggie dogs in a barbecue glaze was inspired by my friend Aliza. It really brings them to a new level. They become sticky and slightly crisp on the outside – it’s a whole new world for veggie dogs!

Grilled Chili Thyme Nabulsi Cheese

Nabulsi is an underused Arabic cheese that can withstand the heat of the grill. In this recipe, I paired it with fresh thyme and chili to offset its saltiness.

Grilled Lemongrass Eggplant

This is a fun way to flavour the eggplant on the barbecue. Scoring the flesh of the eggplant helps the flavours infuse throughout the entire vegetable, making them absolutely succulent!

Barbecued Flatbreads

This is a really fun idea! All you need is pizza dough and you just won’t believe the amazing result! The breads become grilled and slightly crispy! Top them with anything you like – the possibilities are endless!

Lemon – Garlic Barbecued Broccoli

Broccoli is one of my favorite veggies on the barbecue, even though many people don’t think about it right away as a go to barbecue veggie. It grills up so beautifully, gets a nice crunch while retaining its delicious flavour!

Grilled Chocolaty Banana Bliss

This is a fun alternative to the classic marshmallow roasting for a barbecue dessert. The banana skin is a perfect vessel to contain the banana on the barbecue. When the banana is done cooking it reminds me of those fried bananas that you get in Asian restaurants (which I adore!). The result is a sweet warm delicious treat with oozing chocolate throughout!

Grilled Garlic Basil Polenta

I have to admit I have been avoiding making polenta for the longest time – it just seemed overwhelming! Turns out, it is really easy to make and absolutely delicious, especially if you grill it like this. It becomes creamy with just a slight crispy crust. If you do not want to use a barbecue feel free to grill it on an indoor grill or cast iron skillet.

Cucumber Sesame Salad

This is a really nice refreshing picnic basket salad! For this salad I used a spiral veggie slicer to get the cucumbers so thin. If you do not have one, you can use a mandolin or just a very sharp knife and slice as thinly as possible. This salad can keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

Basil and Corn Salad

This is a really simple salad to put together, but the sweetness of the flavour combination will surprise you! Serve this at a barbecue party or take it to work for a delicious lunchbox salad. In this recipe I used canned corn, but if you have fresh corn available feel free to use that instead – just be sure to cook it first.

Basic Mixed Bean Salad

This is a really nice recipe for a simple bean salad. It can be eaten as a lunch at the office or taken to a potluck or barbecue party. In this recipe I use cans of mixed beans, which is always available in grocery stores and usually contains about 5-6 varieties of beans. If you prefer however, you can always just mix and match any beans that you like!

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